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Published by Peter Matamala at April 03, 2017

Converting flash training to mlearning

Training catalogs are growing larger every day and learning leaders often have a wealth of online learning content to share with their organization.  Content, created in Adobe Flash for a pc...

Published by Peter Matamala at January 27, 2017

Take your Team from Training to Performance Support

Increasingly Learning and Development teams are being asked to engage with operations leads and IT teams to deploy performance support materials and tools.  This is a departure from traditional...

Published by Peter Matamala at January 13, 2017

Delivery Model for Corporate Training Services


Corporate Training Consultants-Requirements Make Better eLearning

Are you a learning and development manager, director or VP?  Does your department create eLearning? If so Lets see if this sounds familiar.  Your team have been working with your corporate...

Published by Peter Matamala at December 02, 2016

How to Build a Strategic Training Plan for Year End

It’s year end and a new year is already upon us.  Pretty soon your organization and your staff will be caught up in the year end hustle, the holidays will arrive and the office will go quiet for a...

Published by Peter Matamala at November 17, 2016

Don't Outsource eLearning Content Creation

Scenario:  Your a CLO or learning leader and your operations teams have called upon you to develop some custom elearning modules to boost their teams performance.  Your L&D team runs lean and does...

Published by Peter Matamala at November 10, 2016

Does Custom Content Development Really Cost More?

When faced with a learner knowledge gap operations leaders and corporate learning organizations often turn to formal training as a solution.   Content relevance, speed to market and price are the...

Published by Peter Matamala at November 03, 2016

6 Thoughts on Reviewing Content Before Converting Training to eLearning

Instructor led training is a great way to engage your learners and assess their ability to apply the knowledge contained in your classroom curriculum.  This tried and true method still has a place...

Published by Peter Matamala at October 20, 2016

Using Learner Segmentation in Online Hospitality Training Programs

The core objective of any quality training program is to create relevant and meaningful content that drives performance results and positive change for the learner and the organization. To...

Published by Peter Matamala at October 12, 2016

7 Keys to Selecting the Right Corporate Training Consultant

Today's corporate L&D departments are faced with many challenges. The greatest among them in fact, is how to create an effective and scalable team when training budgets and resource counts...