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Blended Learning

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Blended Learning

Save time and money!

Matchstick's blended training programs have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our customers. We can do the same for you!


Any organization can benefit from a hybrid training approach that combines face to face exercises with eLearning and assessments.  This learning approach combines the eLearning's flexibility, cost-effectiveness and self-paced, independent learning.  With the engagement found in a classroom setting.  Here is why Matchstick is the blended learning design and development expert:

  • Proven experience that saves our customers money
  • We have the design expertise to create this mixed-mode instruction. 
  • We deliver a seamless, customized and comprehensive training program that meets your organizational needs. 
  • We integrate all media and modalities into our programs including e-learning, m-learning, videos, assessments, simulations, infographics, PowerPoints, learner guides, job aides, facilitator guides, PDFs, or other support tools.

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The combinations are endless and the possibilities are limitless—but the most important thing is working together to determine and produce the best solution for you.