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Case Study: Benefits of Blended Learning Design


Does your learning organization deliver high value and proprietary learning to your employees? Is your learner population diverse and geographically distributed? Does your learning organization deliver instructor led learning programs? Does your learning population have access to PC’s or mobile devicespersonal or company owned?  If you answered YES to a few of these questions your organization is ready to realize the benefits of blended learning.

If the answer is YES to more than one of those questions, then your organization may have the required components to migrate costly Instructor Lead Training (ILT) to a blended approach, offering a combination of both classroom and eLearning/mobile learning (mLearning). The benefits are numerous and go beyond cost savings by capturing improved measurements and learner engagement.


Click here to get the free white paper/case study and build your own blended learning business case!!!

This case study, based on a real world example, reveals the cost savings and operational efficiencies that can be gained by converting your classroom curriculum to a blended learning design delivered via eLearning/mLearning or virtual training.