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What is VILT and what can it do for you?


In the pursuit of finding the right balance between providing effective training for employees and managing the impact of training costs on budgets and operations, organizations are bringing technologies into the mix of tools for increasing ROI of their training dollars. This has led to the development of Virtual Instructor–Led Training (VILT), one of the fastest growing options for training employees in disparate locations.


What is VILT?


VILT combines the advantages of the traditional classroom experience with the flexibility of online learning. Similar to a webinar, courses are delivered through web, video and/or teleconferencing to remote attendees. However, a webinar typically features an instructor delivering a PowerPoint® presentation while VILT is developed around the principles of instructional design. Sessions simulate the traditional classroom experience allowing participants to receive the same instructor-led training simultaneously while sitting in their own home or office. Learners participate through two-way, person-to-person interaction in real time via live Web chats, breakout rooms and video. Collaborative features from eLearning, such as social media discussions and polling capabilities, provide additional opportunities for attendees to engage in the session.



Benefits for the Learner


  1. Flexibility to participate from anywhere in the world is possible when they have Internet access.


  1. Advantages of both classroom and online learning combine in VILT.Participants can engage in live interaction with instructors, leaders or subject matter experts, as well as with other learners, achieving the same level of knowledge transfer and interactivity as traditional ILT. By being online, learners also have the ability to easily access content and continue the interaction on social networks and forums.


  1. Reduced session length increases knowledge retention. Content is covered in short, incremental modules (usually no more than 2 hours max.) which can be completed independently or in combination with other courses. Learners avoid feeling overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information received during 4 to 8 hours in a traditional classroom. By eliminating fatigue and stress associated with sitting for hours at a time, participants are more likely to retain the learning content.


Benefits for the Organization


  1. Elimination of travel impacts ROI. These savings can be substantial when you consider administration, venue and material costs in addition to transportation, food and lodging.


  1. Increased productivity results as learners no longer spend time in traveling and training may be scheduled outside of peak work hours.


  1. Inclusion of more learners, especially those who could not otherwise participate, is possible through Web-based training.


  1. Reduction in printing costs results in significant savings as learners can print easily maintained, up-to-date digital materials on-demand.


Commonly used in customer/product training, professional development, and sales training, VILT is transforming the way millions of people learn. Steady growth in bandwidth and evolving collaboration software technologies have positioned virtual instructor-led training as a practical way to train learners in disparate locations while retaining the guidance of both a live facilitator and opportunities for classroom interaction and peer-based learning.


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