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eLearning Requirements Template

eLearning Requirements Template

Avoid re-work and cost over runs on your eLearning Projects 

Why it’s important to get eLearning requirements right

  1.  Avoid Rework – The more you know up front the less likely the course is going to require rework.
  2.  Improve Course Design – Incorporating functional requirements into the aesthetic will improve the overall course design and eliminate awkward transitions or design changes to accommodate a functional requirement (ie changing navigation theme during a quiz)
  3.  Improve User Experience – (a corollary to #2) Functional requirements help instructional designers create courseware that meets requirement with a design that is pleasing to the user. Seldom can this be achieved without carefully considering requirements and design prior to course launch.
  4. Budget and Planning Benefits – The ability to capture all the requirements up front then plan, budget and build them one time.  

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