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mLearning Development


Sometimes the most effective training takes place on-the-go!

Matchstick's mobile learning will reach your remote and active users!

  • Do you want to give your learners the flexibility to take their training whenever and wherever they want to?
  • Are there circumstances that do not always accommodate for a computer-based training?
  • Maybe you need to ensure that feedback and support is immediate?

If you share these needs then mLearning may be the route for you.

Matchstick has the technical skills and design expertise to create specialized training created just for use on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

We have experience designing and developing learning for mobile devices while taking into account the nuances and methodical differences in training designed and built for computers vs. todays mobile device.   

If you are looking for innovative, high-quality learning for this “always on” globalized society, let us work with you to create a customized mobile learning experience that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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